About Us

The N-Motion Foundation is about people who care about people! What we do is based on helping other people and making their lives just a little better than it was before. Maybe only in small doses, non-the-less hopefully impacting each person that we touch.

As with a lot of people, much of what we do is drawn from our own person experiences. Some good and some not so good experiences. Being able to take your experiences and translate them to positive opportunities for others is very rewarding. That is the N-Motion Foundation is all about. Creating opportunities to help others in the community that may have been overlooked or forgotten, Seniors, children, and women will be our focus as we strive to provide a positive impact on all that we are able to touch!



Our mission is to make a difference and have a positive impact on the community through jazz music.   It is our belief that providing assistance and working with organizations to help make lives better can be accomplished through our passion of jazz.  Jazz will be our tunnel into people lives and hearts!


Creating a culture that will bring attention to the needs of the people we help because of our efforts in jazz.


N-Motion Values


Caring about people and the less than perfect conditions that exist for others.


Seeing situations from a different perspective other than your own and attempting to feel from that perspective.


To place a high value on the people you interact with and show them that you see them as your equal.


Feelings generate by doing something good for others or making someone feel good about themselves.

Caring N-Motion!