Jazz for Vets

While visiting my dad in the Southwest PA Veterans Center I suddenly realize the positive impact that jazz had on the senior veterans.  The generally solemn faces of the veterans as they sit around looking at at each other or the tv immediately perks up and comes to life with the sound of contemporary jazz being played over the loud speakers.  Smiles are being generated, feet are tapping, hands are clappping, not in rhythm however.  It is a wonderful site to see invigoration bestowed among the veterans as a result of smooth jazz music.

I witnessed this same thing with my dad on our many trips to doctors or taking him out to eat.  I would turn on the smooth jazz and my dad’s face would light up with joy as he heard the music.  I thought this was the impact on my dad, because he always liked that kind of music.  After seeing the other veterans spirits picked up by the sound of the jazz music I thought was really awesome.  

Since my dad’s passing due to dementia, I no longer visit the veterans center.  I have thought that it would be really cool to provide the remaining living veterans with real live jazz from time to time.  So, the N-Motion Foundation has come up with Jazz for Vets.  This is a program that we would like to implement that would provide live jazz music at various VA Centers, providing opportunities to send vets to local jazz concerts, and other jazz related events.   

Remembering the joy that jazz music brought to my dad made me want to provide this pleasure to others veterans.  Please feel free to help us provide Jazz to Vet by contributing to our program.  Please go to our Donation page for any contributions.