Jazz Intervention Project

The Jazz Intervention Project is a carryover from N-Motion Entertainment’s version of creating and providing opportunities for students, especially underprivileged students to participate in jazz activities.  The N-Motion Foundation will create, promote, and  partner with other organizations to provide learning opportunities in jazz.  The Foundation will create jazz/music workshops with music educators, local, national jazz artists, and get opportunities to perform with these artists.

The entire idea behind the Jazz Intervention Project is allowing students to embrace the making of “real acoustic” music.  This process of embracing real music from music educators will also provide the historical values of the different genres of music and how today’s music is impacted by such.  

We are targeting students that have an interest in music but are not financially able to afford music lessons or school districts that have eliminated their music programs due to federal budget cuts.  The N-Motion Foundation wants jazz to continue for many years to come as a main genre of music in today’s society.   With this in mind, the N-Motion Foundations will do its part to introduced jazz to the students that may not have been exposed to the genre.   Again, this will be done in the form workshops, music classes, and performing with professional artists.

Please help the N-Motion Foundation secure funding to provide music/jazz learning opportunities for underprivileged students.  Please go to our Donation page for any contributions you can make.