Our Mission

The N-Motion Foundation is looking to make a social impact in the community by assisting and supporting causes that impacts everyday people.   There is plenty of work to be done, the N-Motion Foundation want to do it’s part in helping with our youth, veterans, and breast cancer awareness.    

As the son a military veteran, there is an inspiration to help provide care for vets that are living in VA assisted living homes.  To provide any moments of relief for vets that have served our country, would be an honor and a privilege.   Putting a smile on the face of a vet may help erase some of the cruel realities of war.  We see this as an opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude for all the veterans that have proudly served this country.

Music and arts in the school systems are be vacated on an annual basis.  These programs are being cut in schools all across the country due to a lack of federal and state funding.  There is a need for these programs for students that have artistic aspirations or the artistically gifted child.  Without funding, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to sustain their artistic training.  We at the N-Motion Foundation want to help students keep their music and arts dreams alive!  

Breast cancer is a condition that impacts pretty much everyone.  Everyone has a mother, sister, aunt, or friend that could be afflicted with breast cancer.  Men are subject to breast cancer as well, however not nearly as prominent as in women.  Awareness and early detection are two of the biggest factors of longer survival rates.  

The N-Motion Foundation would like to assist in providing breast cancer awareness to neglected or financially challenged individuals.  Funds raised by various jazz events will support the effort to provide free breast cancer screenings.  If these screening help prevent one person from breast cancer, it is well worth the effort!

As the N-Motion Foundation moves forward, we are hopeful that our name becomes synonymous with helping people! 

Caring N-Motion!